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A few days ago I got the great news that my latest paperless project–an online court interpreter orientation course– has been approved by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission of Texas to fulfill the orientation requirement for Texas court interpreter licensure applicants.

Online JBCC Court Interpreter Orientation

I’ve taken some online interpreting training over the years, but it always seemed like the technology was outdated and limiting in the results offered. After years of toying with the idea of modernized interpreter training and making notes for course material, I finally found the kind of platform I wanted–one that actually works for students and people looking for a career switch by allowing them to access the course and make progress on-demand, from any device. Now I can combine my two passions–interpreting and teaching–with my ninja-like tech skills (hyperbole) for the benefit of the next generation of aspiring interpreters. There are talented people across Texas who would be a great asset to our profession; I believe this online orientation will allow more of them to determine whether this is a career path they’d like to pursue and understand what to do next if they want to move forward.

Do I think that an interpreter’s training should be 100% online? No. I can say without a doubt that my time in intensive coached training has been critical to my professional development and I sorely wish I had jumped in and had more onsite training earlier in my career. But, this orientation is supposed to provide a brief overview of interpreting in general and the court interpreting profession in particular. So I think it’s perfect for online delivery of some of the basic information, combined with remote live sessions for interactive practice and Q & A.

If you are interested in becoming a Texas court interpreter, feel free to check out the course signup page and see if you think this course is a good fit for you. I’m offering a 40% discount for anyone who signs up before the official launch date. I’ve also put together a Quick Guide to getting your Texas Court Interpreter License, which you can request for free on the course page.

Sign up using code PRELAUNCH2016: Roadmap to Success: Online Licensed Court Interpreter Orientation (JBCC APPROVED)


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